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Our tattoo and piercing studio No Name is here for you since 1997.

We perform tattoos in many different styles. We like to tattoo in both colour and black and white from small pieces to the whole parts of the body. Let yourself be carried away by your imagination. Our tattoo artists will be happy to create the original tattoo just for you. Just visit our shop to discuss your ideas with our experienced tatoo artists. Bring your own tattoo design or get inspired from many tattoo flashes and designs of our catalogues.

Body piercing is not about ear piercings only. Our professional piercers will help you to choose the suitable jewellery and recommend its appropriate placement. We offer a wide selection of body jewellery to choose from.

Would you like to give your loved ones an original gift? You can buy the gift voucher for tattoos and piercings in your price range.

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What to expect of us

    • 100% sterility

      All materials and tools used are single use/disposable or sterilized in certified sterilizers. We guarantee perfect cleanliness and strictly hygienic environment.

    • Aftercare info provided

      We will provide you with detailed aftercare instructions and inform you about the healing process to reach the best possible results.

    • Since 1997

      We have more than 20 years of experiences in tatooing and piercings. You can trust our profesionalism.

    • Walk-ins welcome

      Would you like to get tatooed or pierced immediatly? Or just with minimal waiting time? We will do our best to place you in between scheduled appointments.

Our team

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(+420) 224 949 027


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