Kosta – geometric tattoo expert

Kosta is an expert tattoo artist with many years’ experience in tattooing geometric shapes, straight lines, mandalas and dotwork. He is passionate about tattooing, from small designs to major projects. Kosta specialises in precision work and fine details, producing excellent results especially when working on geometric patterns and mandalas.
Kosta joined No Name Tattoo in 2021 and quickly gained a reputation as a skilled and innovative tattoo artist. His ability to turn ideas into bodily works of art make him hugely popular amongst his clients. He is able to draft small and large designs and always executes them down to the finest detail, so that every tattoo is unique and personal.
Kosta enjoys experimenting with various styles, from black-and-white tattoos to colour combinations, and always tries to add a touch of creativity and artistic flair to his work, which is outstandingly thorough and has a beautiful aesthetic.
Besides tattooing, Kosta is interested in art, design and architecture, which helps him to come up with some unique and eye-catching designs for his clients. He loves embracing new challenges and like to help clients find their own personal tattoo style.