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Would you like a glittering stone in your nose, a gold ring in your ear or a barbell in your tongue? Make your wishes come true. Our professional piercers are happy to expertly apply your piercing. We have a large selection of quality jewelry available for sale and application.

We can also custom-build a piece of jewelry for you. We offer a large number of types, shapes, materials, sizes, colors, stones and points.

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Do you want to be original?

We will design the entire piercing composition for you.

In our studio, we apply high-quality jewelry made of surgical steel, titanium or bioplastic, which, like all tools and aids, are 100% sterile. We only use disposable intravenous cannulas to perform piercings, so you don’t have to worry about any nail guns.

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Exchange of jewelry free of charge

We will carefully explain the subsequent care of a fresh piercing and, after healing, we will be happy to exchange the jewelry for a shorter or smaller one as needed, all of this, of course, free of charge.

Not yet 18?

If you are under 18, you will need the consent of a parent or legal guardian. You can download it here.

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News in the studio

Our tattoo and piercing studio No Name has been here for you since 1997. Bodypiercing is not just about piercing ears. Our professional piercers will be happy to advise you on choosing the right piece of jewelry and recommend the best location on the body. At No Name Tattoo, we offer a wide selection of piercing jewelry for sale and application. Would you like to gift your loved ones with a nice piercing? It is possible to purchase a gift certificate for all our services in the price range of your choice.

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Piercing – FAQ

Do piercings hurt?

A little yes. The application of jewelery into human tissue is always accompanied by some discomfort. It always depends on the specific type of piercing and the pain is greater in areas with more nerve endings. As with tattoos, the perception of pain is very individual. According to our experience, it always depends on which specific nerve endings the cannula tips “hit” when the needle penetrates the tissue. This is confirmed by the fact that many of our clients, who have the same type of piercing applied twice, perceive each procedure differently. In principle, there is no problem with the application of the jewelry, as it is a very fast process.

How long does the piercing process take?

The piercing of the tissue with an intravenous cannula and the subsequent stretching of the jewelry is a matter of a moment. The longest part of the entire process is its preparation. First of all, it is necessary to consult with the customer about his ideas and requirements, choose a suitable piece of jewelry for the given piercing, disinfect the injection site with a suitable skin disinfectant and mark it accurately. After that, everything is a matter of seconds.

How long does a piercing take to heal?

The healing time of individual types of piercings varies significantly. It can be a few weeks (tongue, frenulum, septum) or many months, when the healing time exceeding 1 year is not an exception (piercings of cartilaginous tissues, nipple, navel). The piercer will always inform you about the healing time of specific types of piercings, their proper care and possible complications.

Is it better to nail a piercing with a nail gun or to apply it with a needle?

Definitely a needle. This is a significantly gentler, more accurate and more hygienic method. An earring can only be pierced with a nail gun in the ear and nose. We understand the psychological aspect of the matter, when the customer may prefer not to get shot due to fear of pain, but we assure you that there is no need to worry about the needle. When a jewel is pierced, the tissue is penetrated at high speed by a relatively blunt piece of jewelry, which represents a significantly greater trauma to human tissue than in the case of using a needle. Jewelry that is loaded into a non-firing pistol is completely inappropriate for the healing period. When shooting, it is not possible to control the angle of injection, and a very important fact is the fact that the material from which the non-shooting gun is made makes it impossible to sterilize it in a sterilizer. Nailing is therefore an inappropriate, less accurate and less hygienic method of applying jewelry, and no professional would ever pick up a nail gun.

I was not yet 18 years old. Can I still get a piercing?

Yes you can. In order to meet the conditions established by law, a parent or legal representative must accompany you to the procedure. It is also possible to bring the legal representative’s written consent to the studio, which will include the legal representative’s contact address and phone number for verification, the legal representative’s statement as to which specific piercing they agree with, and everything must be signed by the legal representative.

What about the piercing and the client's medical capacity?

Piercing should only be applied to a healthy person who does not suffer from an acute viral or bacterial infection. A common cold or a seasonal virus can also pose a possible risk. If you have diabetes, severe allergic reactions, hematological, neurological or metabolic problems, piercing is not recommended. However, it is not completely excluded. In this case, a consultation with your attending physician is always recommended.