Oxana – realistic tattoos and art

Oxana is a tattoo artist with ten years’ experience. She started tattooing straight after leaving high school in Yekaterinburg, where she spent four years working in a tattoo studio there. She then moved to Kaliningrad and spent a year at Tattoo Stop, before moving to Prague, where she has been working as a tattoo artist for five years.
Oxana specialises in realistic tattoos, particularly large projects such as full sleeves or large designs on the chest and back. She particularly enjoys working on portraits and animal motifs, where she is able to bring the skin to life.
Besides tattooing, in her spare time Oxana enjoys drawing and painting. She likes spending time hiking in the countryside and travelling, often goes to concerts and music festivals, and loves playing pool.
She puts a great deal of love and passion into her art on the human body and on canvas. She looks forward to meeting you in our studio!